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No Firmware is Available for this Product
Name Version Date
AgriSpec Software Installation 8/24/2017
Indico Pro 8/24/2017
RS3 version 6.4.3 6.4.3 6/7/2017
Dark Current calibration 1.2 8/16/2016
Wavelength Verification ASD Puck 10 nm Resolution 6.4 6/23/2016
Wavelength Verification Mylar Std Res 6.4 1/22/2016
Wavelength verification using Mylar for 10 nm spectral resolution instruments.
INI Upgrader utility 1.7 6/30/2014
ViewSpec Pro Software Install 6.2 6/26/2014
Name Version Date
Wireless Setup for Windows 7 B 12/4/2017
Indico Pro User Guide F 12/4/2017
Windows 7 Computer Setup Instructions B 12/4/2017
ASD File Format v. 8 B 5/24/2017
RS^3 and Indico Pro Upgrade Instructions A 7/18/2014
Instructions on setting up the shutter-less dark current collection. Only applicable for Ethernet based instruments.
GPS Setup Instructions E 9/13/2011
RS^3 Quick Reference Card D 5/10/2011
Wavelength Verification User's Guide A 6/25/2010
RS^3 new file format explanation A 2/4/2010
RS^3 Software User Manual E 11/9/2009
My Instrument Application User's Guide A 9/14/2009
AgriSpec User manual E 10/20/2008
Name Version Date
RS^3 reflectance tutorial A 7/28/2009
A movie that demonstrates the steps for capturing a reflectance spectrum.
RS^3 save spectrum tutorial A 7/26/2009
A movie that demonstrates the steps for saving a reflectance spectrum.
Other No Optional Downloads are Available for this Product
Development Tools
Name Version Date
ASD File Format v. 8 B 5/30/2017
Documentation of file structure and sample C# scripts for reading files.
TCP Developer's Kit E 8/16/2016
Supports TCP programming for instrument control with Ethernet instruments or parallel instruments used with the Smart Ethernet Adapter accessory.
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